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Artificial Baits

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The Nomura Kyoto Fishing Lure is a Freshwater lure ideal for covering the bottom of your fishing grounds
Prologic 3-D Floating Artificial Baits, Hi-Viz Orange and Clear with glitter lures , UV reflective.
Prologic Artificial Floating Boilies made from silicone, Shrimp and Garlic flavour
ProLogic Artificial Floating Tiger-nut Pop-Ups Choc Amino flavour. Use as Hook baits or to counterbalance your baits.
Pologic Artificial Floating Sweetcorn /Maize Kernels Banana flavour
Savage Gear LB Roach Swim & Jerk Lures are the perfect Scan of a Roach!  these juvenile roach are the perfect soft lure for many predator fish species that hunt for these prey fish all year. 
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Savage Gear Tournament Ball Jig Heads, extra-Strong Ultra sharp forged Japanese steel wire needlepoint jig hooks.