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Crafty Catcher

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These Big Hit Boilies are Day Session packs, ideal for the angler who wants a selection of different flavour / scent hook baits to give the optimum chance of catching
Crafty Catcher Big Hit POP-UPS Carp baits come in a range of flavours
Crafty Catcher Drilled Halibut Pellets are premium quality baits
Crafty Catcher Easy Squeezy Bag and Bait Booster liquids are highly concentrated sticky PVA friendly bait boosters which come in a range of pungent flavours and aromas
Crafty Catcher PVA Friendly Particle grab packs contain expertly prepared Hemp in handy well sealed bags,
Crafty Catcher SPOD SHOT Liquids are PVA Friendly Attractants suitable for Coarse and Carp Fishing.
Crafty Catcher Tip Offs are super buoyant pop-ups perfect for tipping off any hook bait