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Gemini Genie 100lb Power Swivels are super strong round eye swivels,
Gemini Genie 45lb Snood Swivels are ideal for building your own Sea Fishing Rigs.
Gemini genie Big Bait Rig Clips, ideal for bigger Hook baits to stay clipped down until the rig hits the water.
Gemini Genie Neoprene is the heavy duty neoprene tubing from the Gemini range
The Pulley rig has been a favourite amongst anglers for many years. A pulley rig will generally require the use of a pulley swivel
Gemini Genie Splash Down Solo Bait Clips, New and Improved. Can be used with most hooks up to a size 6/0.
Gemini Genie Super Strength Link Clips are 30% stronger than the original link clips.
Gemini Super strength genie Rig Clips with Bait Clip are 30% stronger than the originals