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Carp Pellets - Coarse Fishing Pellets are made from the optimum mix of ingredients and designed for all-round performance
These Coarse Fishing Sinking Pellets are high protein and high energy premium pellets
Crafty Catcher Drilled Halibut Pellets are premium quality baits
Crafty Catcher PVA Friendly Particle grab packs contain expertly prepared Hemp in handy well sealed bags,
Peg No. 1 Jelly Pellets Carp and Coarse Fishing pellets are premium slow sinking pellets
Peg No.1 Mayhem Expander Pellets are easy to prepare and give consistent results.
Peg No.1 Mayhem Natural Hemp is the best quality food grade Hemp perfectly textured bait
Peg No.1 Method Bait Kits are complete micro method kits including the finest selected pellets, activator liquid, wafter hook baits and a measuring cup to guarantee perfectly prepared micros every time.
Peg No1 Carp Pellets are Low Oil Fish and Fishery Friendly Sinking Feed Pellets
Premium Pre-Drilled Halibut Pellets, high levels of soluble fish protein and powerful feed stimulants, perfect Coarse Fishing Hook bait