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These 5mm Round Fishing Rig Beads are available in a choice of colours, ideal for use as attractor beads on fishing rigs
These 8mm Round Fishing Rig Beads are ideal for making up your own fishing rigs, available in various colours.
Black Metal Cage Feeders, high quality cage feeders Matte Black coated to reduce visibility, available in assorted sizes and shapes,
Snap Swivels, Strong barrel swivel with quick change snap link attached
These incredibly strong Power Swivels are ideal for many types of Fishing.
split shot is probably the smallest piece of equipment in any anglers tackle box
DAM Gummi Stoppers - Silicone Stoppers are made from high quality silicone rubber, they are used as float stops, simple to attach and adjust.
Eagle Claw Barbed Treble Hooks are high quality super sharp treble hooks, suitable for a wide range of uses
Feeder Booms are the ideal answer to anti-tangle feeder rigs,
Hair Rigs - Micro Barbed assorted pack of 6 ready to use rigs.
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In-line Fishing Weights Lead Sinkers available in a range of sizes.
Jaxon Sumato Treble Hooks are premium bronzed super sharp barbed trebles, suitable for using with Powerbait trout dough moulded around the hook.
Kamasan K60 Worm hooks, fine wire worm holder hooks.
Kamasan B980 Hooks are Barbed traditional specimen hooks for large fish,
Kamasan B983 Wide Gape Specialist Hooks have a chemically sharpened needle point and a whisker barb, ideal for specialist and match anglers.
Kaptura Baitholder Hooks are Japanese made worming hooks made from high carbon steel with chemically sharpened barbs.
NGT Barbless Hooks to Nylon are superb all round coarse fishing hooks, easy to use, no need to struggle tying fiddly hooks to your line.
Method Feeder Flat In-line Set from NGT contains a selection of four flat in-line method feeders in 15g, 20g,24g and 30g
Ronnie Rigs, low-lying pop up rigs
Oval Luminous Green Rig Beads are excellent for rig making, the streamlined shape reduces resistance when casting.
Pellet Bait Bands 24 Clear pellet / bait bands in an assortment of 3 sizes.
Rovex Crimp swivels , Strong High quality swivel trapped on an 18mm crimp with a 1mm internal diameter
Rovex Silicone Fishing Rig Tubing Luminous Green is useful for protecting Fishing line and snoods whilst adding attraction
Rubber Shock Beads are invaluable to the Carp angler, with a host of uses when making Carp rigs,
Rubber Tulip Beads have a variety of uses for the Carp / Coarse angler,
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Savage Gear Tournament Ball Jig Heads, extra-Strong Ultra sharp forged Japanese steel wire needlepoint jig hooks.
These screw cap feeder sets contain 4 feeders with interchangeable caps making them an easier and quicker to change
Stonfo Float Sleeves assorted sizes of coloured silicone sleeves to suit a wide variety of float sizes
Stonfo Line Signals , in-line bite indicators.
Swivel Bomb Fishing Weights Lead Sinkers pack of 5