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Terminal Tackle

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These 5mm Round Fishing Rig Beads are available in a choice of colours, ideal for use as attractor beads on fishing rigs
These 8mm Round Fishing Rig Beads are ideal for making up your own fishing rigs, available in various colours.
Avis Booms are simple to use, slide onto your rig body and trap in place with stop knot or rubber stops on either side of the boom,
Breakaway Fastlink Clips are a popular versatile Fishing rig link which can be used for multiple applications.
Breakaway Spinlinks are a smaller version of the Breakaway Fastlink for use on tackle up to 35lb test
Snap Swivels, Strong barrel swivel with quick change snap link attached
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Nylon Coated Smart Wire is multi strand wire Ideal for Large Predator Fishing
Power Pulley Rig Beads for use when making up Pulley Rigs and running lead rigs for sea fishing.
These incredibly strong Power Swivels are ideal for many types of Fishing.
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Super Fine Bait Elastic is an angling essential for binding soft baits to your hooks, single spool or spool with dispenser.
Gemini Genie 100lb Power Swivels are super strong round eye swivels,
Gemini Genie 45lb Snood Swivels are ideal for building your own Sea Fishing Rigs.
Gemini genie Big Bait Rig Clips, ideal for bigger Hook baits to stay clipped down until the rig hits the water.
The Pulley rig has been a favourite amongst anglers for many years. A pulley rig will generally require the use of a pulley swivel
Gemini Genie Splash Down Solo Bait Clips, New and Improved. Can be used with most hooks up to a size 6/0.
Gemini Genie Super Strength Link Clips are 30% stronger than the original link clips.
Gemini Super strength genie Rig Clips with Bait Clip are 30% stronger than the originals
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In-line Fishing Weights Lead Sinkers available in a range of sizes.
Kaptura Baitholder Hooks are Japanese made worming hooks made from high carbon steel with chemically sharpened barbs.
Micro Beads , Suitable for Sea Fishing Rigs, Coarse Fishing rigs and Fly tying.
Oval Luminous Green Rig Beads are excellent for rig making, the streamlined shape reduces resistance when casting.
Rovex Rig Snap Links are made from Stainless Steel, Strong, Durable Sea Fishing Rig Link Clips.
Rovex Crimp swivels , Strong High quality swivel trapped on an 18mm crimp with a 1mm internal diameter
Rovex  Luminous Floating Beads are ideal for adding attraction and movement to Flattie / Flounder Fishing Rigs
Rovex Silicone Fishing Rig Tubing Luminous Green is useful for protecting Fishing line and snoods whilst adding attraction
Rovex Clip Down Match Swivels ideal for making up multi hook Sea Fishing Rigs
Rubber Shock Beads are invaluable to the Carp angler, with a host of uses when making Carp rigs,
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Savage Gear Tournament Ball Jig Heads, extra-Strong Ultra sharp forged Japanese steel wire needlepoint jig hooks.
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Tsunami Back Mako Extra Strong Hooks really are extra strong. Ideal for all types of soft plastic lures.
Tsunami Black Mako strong hooks are Aberdeen pattern Hooks which give anglers the perfect choice of terminal tackle for the business end of their lines.
Tsunami Snelled Black O'Shaughnessy Hooks are eyed hooks ready tied to nylon, ideal for quick change of hook lengths or for making up multiple hook rigs.
High quality Red Baitholder hooks ready tied to nylon are ideal for quick change of hook lengths on fishing rigs or for making up multiple hook traces.